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January 5, 2012

See, a short blog this time: my wife kicks ass above all others!!! Luv ya, sexy babe!!!:)


this is a “title”

January 5, 2012

I feel like writing, just don’t know what about.
I failed miserably in 2010 when I vowed to write a new blog every day…kinda makes me mad at…well, me…
So every now and then I’ll open up my WordPress app on whichever phone I have(think I’m for sure a Crackberry user for life) and jot down some thoughts, some profound, but mainly just drivel…like now;)
I really enjoy writing by the way, it would be fantastic if I could ever finish my short story I’ve been working on for a year(or more). I’d like to try to have it published, but when it comes to critics, I’m my own worst one!!!
Plus, I don’t handle rejection very well…
One redeeming factor, actually the ONLY redeeming factor about my “writing” is my awesome wife and kiddos:) They always tell me to “go for it…you can do anything you set your mind too.”
So, with that in mind, I cannot promise that I’ll “blog” every day, but I sure will start to force myself to at least write some on my novella every day. I owe it to myself!!!
As the wise Jedi Yoda once said: “Do or Do Not, there is no Try”
Words to live by those are, even if you happen to be a….ugh….Trekkie(blech!!!!); so starting tomorrow I vow to put aside at LEAST 30 minutes on my novella!!!
Who knows, maybe in ten years it’ll be done…;)