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Time Stands Still For No Parent

December 12, 2011

I’m sitting here watching my kiddos dance around the living room, thinking to myself “How on earth did they get so big?!?!”
My oldest girl, Kai, recently turned five. My youngest girl, B, will be two in two days. They are both such wonderful blessings; they’ve been since the day they were born!
I am so grateful that my wife and I have them in our lives, even if they aren’t always the perfect angels I mostly make them out to be…
Though I am so proud of them and their growing interests and personalities, I sometimes wish they would just stop growing!
I know it’s a part of life, but it does, on a pretty regular basis, make me quite sad. I can’t change the fact that they both will grow up and that one day I might not be their “superhero” anymore, but I always have, and always will, let them know that I will forever be there for them. Someone once told me that just being there is half the battle of being a good parent, and when I look at my girls I can’t think of anywhere else I’d rather be.