Daddy Moment

So, let me start by saying how proud I am of my two wonderful daughters!!!:)
My oldest started pre-k last week and is doing well! She seems to make a new best friend almost every single day:) She is learning so much and proudly displays her arts and crafts made during her school day:) I am currently writing this as she is at dance class(her third year; she is not even five yet!!!). And yes, she still has her spot at the front of the group:)
My youngest, who is rapidly approaching the two year old mark, is the most curious and one of the brightest young child I have ever seen!!!:) She wants to be involved with everything and LOVES to play, dance around the house, and basically do whatever her older sister is doing:) I love the relationship my daughters have together, it really reminds me of mine and my sister’s relationship growing up:)
And of course none of this would be possible without their mother:) I feel very blessed to have such a wonderful, understanding wife, with the biggest heart I have ever witnessed in any individual…EVER!!!:) I could not have asked for a better companion, best friend, and the person whom I plan to spend the rest of my life with!!!
As a mother, she takes the cake!!! Always there for our children; patient, kind, and understanding with them:) When our kiddos make me want to occasionally pull my hair out(as all kids do at some point in time), she is there with a kind word and a quick solution to solve whatever problems come along…basically, I am the luckiest guy in the world!!!!:)
Just wanted to share a few thoughts…thanks for reading:)
And, to my three lovely ladies in my life, I love you all more than I could ever hope to express in mere words:)


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One Response to “Daddy Moment”

  1. Chan Says:

    Awww, thank you babe!!! This made me cry!! We do have the most AMAZING daughters!! I thank God everyday for choosing us to be their parents!! The girls and I are SO lucky to have you in our lives!! It’s a wonderful feeling to truly know that you’ll ALWAYS be here for us!! There’s a lot of men in this world who don’t step up to the plate as a husband and daddy…and you do!! I can’t thank you enough for all of the things you do for us!! And I’ll never be able to express in words what an amazing gift you’ve given to me by allowing me to be a stay at home mommy…THANK YOU (and those 2 words can’t even begin to tell you how appreciative I am for that)!!!!!! Thank you for always being my best friend, my shoulder to lean on, my companion, the love of my life….my ROCK!!!!! The girls and I love you SO much, Daddy!!! **SMOOCHES** and **OOOOOOWEEEEEE** ❤

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