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Recently I have found myself lowering myself to other’s standards, for which I apologize. I try to hold myself to a high standard and I have failed…story: recently I posted that The Tap was voted best karaoke in town in the Maroon Weekly Best in the Brazos Valley survey. As the person running karaoke there on monday nights I was very proud of this and posted this fact on my wall. Ok, let’s get the facts straight: I NEVER said the honor came from the “Best of the Brazos Valley” publication, which votes on the best of the best in numerous categories. Obviously people don’t get their facts straight before they call people liars and claim they’re giving out false information, which has since happened to me. That’s called slander, and I know there are legal ramifications for slander and running someone’s name through the dirt…I appreciate every customer, many who I can call friends, and everyone’s continued support of Rockin’ C Karaoke, and I look forward to many more nights of singing and having a good time, which to me is what karaoke is all about and why I got into the business in the first place!!! So in closing, I apologize for lowering myself to name calling and foul language as has been done to me. Thank you all and please, have a wonderful evening:-)


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