For some reason this time of year always makes me sad…don’t know why:(
Its a happy time of year. Its cooling down, there’s a nice breath of fresh air floating everywhere, everything looks new. All summer we look around us and all we see is a haze. It’s hard to see the road through the waves rolling off the pavement.
Then when the first cool breeze blows through its like it blows away everything bad and replaces it with new hope, a new beginning.
Its a happy time, just not for me…
All I can think of are my daughters. I look at the pictures on the wall of years past and it makes me sad…we play outside and I see how fast they are growing up and how independent they are. I’m a very proud father and I love my girls, but at the same time I wish they would always be my little girls. I know that one day in the not too far future they both will be gone to discover their own adventures; to have their own families. They will watch their children grow and have children, and they in turn will watch them with the same amazement as I watch mine.
I suppose that’s why this time of year makes me sad and nostalgic. It represents change. It represents growth. And most of all it represents newness. I know that nothing stays the same and everything changes, but it still hits me hard. The days are long and the years are short, so we must cherish them as much as possible.


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