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December 31, 2009

Paitence. One simple word. One simple word that is more relevant to our everyday life than, I believe, any other word. Paitence has caused the uprising of nations, and the downfall of empires; or, more relevant to present times, the beginning and ending of relationships from birth to death.
Unfortunately, paitence is a fleeting concept in today’s fickle world. Too often we don’t “stop and smell the roses”, an old but possible quite perfect adage. In the race to survive, who really has time to?
Consider this: what could we accomplish as a human race if we paused, just for a moment, and considered what we were about to do, about to say. If we had just a smidge more patience, could we make a positive change to each others lives?
I believe we could! It starts at the micro level, each of us being more patient with the other. Don’t pass judgement, for it is not your place. Listen to your spouse. Listen to your children, for they truly are the future! Stop along the way and take an extra second to “smell the roses”. You may find that simply by exercising a bit more paitence, our children will be reared in a world much sweeter than ours.


New Year

December 31, 2009

Each and every year we resolve to make changes, often for the better, to our lives. We magically expect the novelty of a new number signed on our checks to impose a sense of correctness, of self-imposed well-being. I have fallen into this trap numerous times…since I was old enough to childishly say “This year I resolve to(fill in the blank)”. I haven’t stopped smoking, eating fast food, and started working out to improve my physical self yet, and I see no fullfillment of any of those resolutions in the near or far future.
I am lucky enough to have an amazing wife, who has put up with more than her fair share of shit from me, and two beautiful daughters, aged three years and two weeks. They are the reason I trudge to work night after night; the reason I’m not dead or in jail or suffering from liver failure(it’s been almost a year since this raging alcoholic had touched a drop, a fact I am proud of).
We all would like to believe that we provide a better life for our family than we had as a child. I certainly hope I do! But the simple fact is that in a race to provide, we often forget the most important thing: being there. Many times I tell my daughter “can we play later? I’m just so tired.” etc. I tell my wife “I just wanna lay down on the couch and relax…” Sound familiar?
So this year I resolve to make a resolution. Not a “new years” resolution, but a “life” resolution. I resolve to be a better husband and father to my wife and children. Something everyone, including yours truly, should resolve to do on a daily basis. If it takes telling myself this every day, I will! My family deserves nothing less than me, being there.